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Industrial plastic
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Industrial plastic

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CaCo3 MB costs much cheaper than PP/PE resin. With 20-30 mixer percentage to resin will decrease the prime cost of raw material, hence reduce production cost. Your profit will be increased because you sell the product with same price but your production cost becomes cheaper. Your price will be more competitive if you reduce selling price with same profit as earlier.
No friction on the worm of blowing machine therefore the pressure on net is very low You don't have to change the mesh frequently
In moulding the using of CaCO3 MB decreases the shrinkage and increases the rigidity of complete products. • The waste share decreases so your expenses reduce.

• The performance of the product improves; it will be much better but at the same time cheaper than the one of your competitors.

• You will be able to make different high grade products by moulding.

In PP/PE woven, the using of CaCO3 MB will provide high tensile strength and consistent elongation. Quality of your products will be improved but at the cheaper cost
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